Every photographer has faced challenges during their career.  I have definitely faced a few of my own. Although, I have loved stepping out of my comfort zone and most of the time when I do, I can capture the most amazing moments.  However, I ran into a situation that I do not think I could ever master…Composite Photography. Composite Photography is simply the blending of two or more images to create one final image. While this definition makes Compositing sound quick and easy, it's anything but, often times requiring several hours of photography and Photoshop work to complete a final piece.

I signed up for a composite workshop that looked to be so fun to be a part of…it was anything but.  It wasn’t because of who was hosting it or the models.  They were all so fabulous and the ideas that everyone had were just so original and unique.  I just couldn’t find that creative streak within myself to create something new and fresh and I became super frustrated.  The problem with photography (or really, any creative pursuit) is that you can have all the variables in place and have prepared yourself as well as possible, only to feel the creativity drift away from you like some nebulous cloud you grasp at only to watch your hand pass right through it.

So what did I do?

I asked for a lot of help, I ended up just replicating what the host photographer was doing just get a feel and understanding of what, how and why she was doing the composite photo in that way.  I did learn quite a bit but definitely felt defeated, even more so when it came time to photoshop (which is complex in itself).  So I took my defeat with a grain of salt.  I have yet to try composite photography again but it definitely is a goal I am going to master this year.  More about my top 5 goals in a future post!!!